Why Buy a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers now are the new way of cooking, saves more energy, and can also feed large crowds; therefore, they are great for big parties.

Any family, no matter the size, can use a pressure cooker. They come in both stainless steel or aluminum and can be either stovetop or electric. All shapes and sizes are available to meet everyone’s needs.

The best thing to do is look for a pressure cooker with more pressure cooker reviews. This helps you determine which is more convenient to use.

Eating healthy may be a big problem when it comes down to cooking, but with this product you can be healthy without even trying. It lowers the fat in foods, but traps in the important nutrients and vitamins.

Certain size pressure cookers can cook and certain foods and comes with a instruction guide to explain what can be cooked and how long to cook it.

Art of cooking

How to Tell If the Pressure Cooker Is Safe To Use

There are several things you should keep in mind when finding the best pressure cooker that is safe to use. All pressure cookers must have a way of controlling the inside pot either by temperature or pressure.

Be sure that your pressure has either one of these regulators. A weight valve, or top with a small opening hole, must be available with the pressure cooker to allow pressure to escape. The modified weight valve pressure regulator is attached to the cooker.

It releases steam in short bursts. Cooking time begins right after the bursts. The spring valve regulator is a short pop-up valve that shows how much pressure is being held in. This pressure cooker needs to be watched to ensure that the temperature is just right.

Always choose a pressure cooker with a cover locking system to prevent pressure from building until the cover until pressure is safely reduced, cooking rack to cook foods above the cooking liquid and keep foods separated, pressure release for recipes that call for cool cooker at once or natural pressure drop, and handles that are comfortable and secure. A cooker 6 quarts or more should have handles on both sides due to the weight of the liquid.

Pressure & Temperature

Pressure & Temperature in Pressure Cooker as compared to open cooking bowl (source:wiki)


The Difference between an Electric and Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Which pressure cooker is the best ? the electric or the stove top? There is a big difference between the two.

Electric pressure cookers require no monitoring which means that it releases pressure on its own, but its pressure release time is a few minutes longer than a stovetop. The wall of the electric pressure cookers traps heat in so none will seep out until pressure release time.

Unlike stovetop cookers, electric cookers come in all different shapes and sizes. Its heat is regulated automatically, time pressure is in 14 minutes, and can only be released during natural release for foods that foam during cooking.

Cheap cookers won’t last as long as you expect them to last and may not work as properly as it should. The warranties only last for a year and their holding capacity is small. It also has less control of when to cool down the food.

Stovetop pressure cookers have to pressure cooking settings; low pressure and high pressure while electric pressures have either one pressure setting or maximum settings depending on the model.

The cook owning a stovetop cooker has to adjust the temperature manually and the time to pressure is about 11 minutes which is shorter than the electric.

Opening methods for stovetop include cold water release which is 30 seconds, normal release about 2 minutes, natural release about 10 minutes, and it should only be opened during cold water quick or natural heat releases.

Stovetop does not have a timer so you must buy a separate one but unlike an electric cooker, it can be stored with regular pots and pans. The heat source for a stovetop cooker can be electric, gas, induction, and ceramic or glass cooktops. This cooker can come in two different materials; stainless steel or aluminum.

Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Because the stainless steel with a triple wall bottom is more durable than the aluminum, it is best to get stainless steel. It lasts longer than 25 years and minimizes burned foods, heats faster, requires less energy.

Stainless steel also doesn’t wear and chip off which means that you don’t have to worry about little chips of metal leaking into your food and harming you. It is also easier to clean stainless steels and doesn’t change its color.

Over time, aluminum will get worn and start collected tiny food particles and create germs. Aluminum also tends to get dark spots on them which are hard to clean and may also contribute to the germs spreading.

Although aluminum is a good heat conductor, it can lead to foods becoming scorched and the metal can become loose and mixes in with the foods. The size you buy depends on how much the liquid capacity is, and the food being cook.

– 4 quart size is for small families (usually 2 people) and can be good for cooking potatoes and whole wheat

– 6 quart size for families 2 or more.

– and 8 quarts for large families.

Any pressure cookers that are less than 5 quarts are not enough to cook soups, or large foods. A small size limits the use of accessories.

Larger models are easier to fit inside accessories such as pans and dishes. Buy a tall pressure cooker for soups and liquids. The perfect size to buy is the 8 quarts for large families. It would be very useful if you like going for seconds or inviting friends over.

Other Important Facts When Buying a Pressure Cooker

The Perfect Pressure Cooker

The Perfect Pressure Cooker

Keep in mind that the price varies on the quarts the pressure cooker holds and remember pay close attention the pressure cooker with the best pressure cooker reviews. There are some decent priced cookers out there and you don’t have to pay an ‘arm or leg’ to own one.

Prices vary on the model and the holding capacity. Buy a cooker from a long established company and avoid frauds.

Keep a reliable company in mind to buy replacement parts from just in case something happens to the old ones.

Some models that are good to buy are Magefesa being number one in customer ratings, Kuhn-Rikon coming in second, and Fagor on third.

Look for a pressure cooker that offers an extended warranty.

If you purchase a stainless steel cooker, be sure to look for an aluminum-clad bottom. This illuminates scorching and provides more heat conduction while still being easy to clean.

A pressure cooker should come with a recipe or instruction book. It should have understandable instructions for you to refer back to if you so happen to have any questions or concerns.

As mentioned once before, all pressure cookers must have a way of controlling the inside pot either by temperature or pressure, handles, cover interlock, cooking rack, pressure release, instruction or recipe book, warranty, and a reasonable cost.

At all times, try not to take the cheap way out and put your money into something worth buying.